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Unlock Android 5.0 Phones Using Smart Lock

Smart Ways to Unlock Android 5.0 Phones Using Smart Lock

Owning a smartphone definitely has its perks. Well, we pay through our noses to get that perfect smartphone. Definitely, we will bargain a fair deal when it comes to features of a smartphones. Android 5.0 and up definitely comes up with interesting like unlocking your phone screen automatically. Android Lollipop phones have something called as Smart Lock, when activated helps unlock your phones automatically.

In the following guide we shall discuss smart ways to unlock Android 5.0 phones using smart lock.

What is Android Smart Lock?

Before we move on to how to use the smart lock, let us understand what is Smart Lock? Smart Lock is a feature that runs on Lollipop and Marshmallow phones. It allows you to access your phone automatically without entering your screen lock password, pattern, PIN, or swipe.

How to Use Smart Lock to Unlock Android Phones?

It is very easy to use Smart Lock and makes your life very easy. It saves you those precious moments spent unlocking the phone when you are in a hurry. There are 5 ways in which you can use Smart Lock.

Let us see them all in the following paragraphs.

Accessing Smart Lock on Marshmallow

1.Go to Apps and select Settings

2.Select Lock screen and security

3.Tap on Secure lock settings

4.Select Smart Lock

5.You will find different types of Smart Lock options to choose from.

Accessing Smart Lock on Lollipop

1.Go to Apps and select Settings

2.Go to Security and choose Trust Agents

3.Toggle Smart Lock (Google) to on and go back.

4.You will now see Smart Lock option under Advanced section.

5.Tap on Smart Lock and enter your PIN, pattern, or password. You can create one in case you don’t have one already.

6.You will now see a list of Smart Lock options to choose from.

Different Types of Smart Locks to Unlock Your Android Phone

There are five options that help you unlock your Android phone without entering your PIN, password, or pattern. Let us have a look at these different Smart Lock options to try.

1.Trusted devices

You can add a Bluetooth enabled device as a trusted device to keep your phone unlocked whenever it is nearby. These devices include smart watches, car Bluetooth, NFC stickers, luggage tags, headphones, etc.  Just add a trusted device and follow the steps directed on your screen.

2.Trusted voice

You can setup voice recognition to help unlock your phone. All you need to do is add the phrase ‘OK Google’ as your Trusted voice. Once you say OK Google, it will help you unlock your phone as well as perform other functions such as reading messages, setting alarms and more.

3.On-body detection

You can keep your device unlocked as long as it remains on your body. This means either in your hand, pocket, bag, or purse. As long as it detects motion, your phone will remain unlocked. You can turn off the settings by just tapping the toggle button in the settings for On-body detection.

4.Trusted places

You can use locations as your Trusted places and keep you device unlocked as long as you are in the area. These Trusted places include home, work place, etc. To add a Trusted place, you need to select Add trusted place. Now, search for the location by selecting your current location or searching for the location you need to add on the Map. Select and add that location as your Trusted place.

5.Trusted Face

This option is available on in Android Lollipop. So, Android Marshmallow users will not be able to see this in their Smart Lock option. In Trusted Face, you can use your front camera and save your face to unlock your phone. When you stare at the phone long enough, it will recognize you and unlock the phone. Keep in mind; it is nothing secure as compared to the Iris scan in Samsung Galaxy or the Face ID in iPhones. Anyone holding your decent photo can unlock your phone using this feature.

These are the smart ways to unlock Android 5.0 phones using smart lock. Try these methods and unlock your phone automatically, especially when you do not have anything sensitive or private stored on your phone.



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