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Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Which Web Browser is better?

Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: Which Web Browser is better?

Microsoft Edge was the surprise cracker introduced along with the latest Windows 10. It is blazing fast and has a lighter design. It is more exciting to use then the previous Internet Explorer. Oh, and it is backed up with Cortana. However, most of us have our very own favoritebrowser, Google Chrome. So, the debate begins Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome: which web browser is better.

Let’s find the answers in the paragraphs below.

Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome: Which to Choose?

Choosing the right browser actually depends on how you feel about it. A browser that fulfills all your needs and allows you to work with ease is the best for you. However, if you are musing about Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, let us learn more about them before you make a decision.

Google Chrome

Chrome has become synonymous with web browsing. The first thing that comes to mind with Chrome is Gmail. It allows complete integration of your Google account and has shortcuts to reach your favorite Google features.

Chrome is loaded with extensions that suite all your needs. It even helps block ads for you and easily data on your smartphone as well as other devices. All you need is a single Google account signed into all your devices.

It free and allows you to enjoy a load of features. Google Chrome is a cross-platform browser and can work on any version of Windows. The interface is user-friendly and simple to use. It has a clean look and you can install themes to make it look more you. However, the themes hardly change anything and it appears more like wallpaper than an actual theme.

When you take the Kraken and RoboHornet test, Chrome tops them all. It even manages to top the HTML5 compatibility test. Chrome will warn users of any websites it thinks contains malware or can carry out a phishing attack. Thus, the user can continue on their own risk. It runs in a sandbox process that protects the user from malware without them even knowing about it.

When Chrome detects a website in a foreign language, it will automatically offer the user to translate it in the language they are comfortable in. It even helps in creating desktop shortcuts for specific Web links and has a supervised user feature. This feature allows certain users from accessing certain sites only, blocks specific sites, force safe search, etc.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge appears like the modern younger brother of Internet Explorer. It has a streamlined toolbar, fewer icons and in tandem with the overall look of Windows 10. The one feature that actually makes it stand out is complete integration of AI-assistant Cortana.

You could choose from the Light and Dark themes an toggle a Favorites bar in Edge. This is all you can do with the Edge when it comes to customization. When it comes to speed tests, Chrome definitely takes the crown away from Edge.

As far as Addons and Extensions are considered, Microsoft Edge does not have much to offer. It lacks the extensibility support and the company calls it their strict rules before an extension is allowed to go online.

Security and privacy on Edge is groundbreaking in some has a built-in SmartScreen feature that performs a reputation check on websites and even blocks websites that are flagged as phishing websites. It no longer supports ActiveX and VBScript that has several security flaws.

Final Word

In the war of Microsoft Edge versus Google Chrome, which one is better, Chrome definitely turns out to be a clear winner. Microsoft Edge is exclusively available for Windows 10 users only.
Thus, making it difficult to reach more users who are still use Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. If you are a Windows 10 user, then you can try using Edge. Only after you use it, it will help you decide if it is Chrome or Edge that is made for you.



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