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Find, Lock, or Erase Your Lost Android Phone Remotely

Find, Lock, or Erase Your Lost Android Phone Remotely

Today our hand phones are not just phones, but more than just instruments to communicate. Your Android smartphones have become your handy banks, your phone book, your video library, your photo album, your shopping cart, your professional manager, and much more.

We now have more personal information stored on our hand phones than what we keep under lock and key. In such a case, if your phone gets lost or stolen it becomes a huge problem. If you have added a Google account to your phone, then you can easily find, lock, or erase your lost Android phone remotely.

Let us see how you can find your lost or stolen Android phone from the following article.

Getting Access to Your Lost or Stolen Phone

In order to use this feature, you need to do the following:

1.Keep the device turned on

2.Sign into a Google Account

3.Keep mobile data or Wi-Fi on

4.Remain visible on Google Play

5.Keep location turned on

6.Keep Find My Device feature turned on.

How to Remotely Find, Lock, or Erase Your Android Phone?

There are a few ways that help you find your lost or stolen Android phone. These include:

Using a Computer

1.Switch on a computer with Internet connection and log in to Google account on Chrome. Use a Google account that is saved on your Android phone.

2.In the search box type Where is my phone and tap Enter.

3.Google will automatically open a mini Find My Device window and may ask you to sign in again.

4.Go ahead and sign on and it will immediately start tracking your phone via Find My Device site.

5.It will show you your phones location on the map so that you can go and retrieve it immediately.

Using another Android Device

1.In case you don’t have a computer around you, just take any other Android device and download Find My Device app from the Playstore.

2.If you are using your own device, it will allow you to log into your device. In case you have borrowed it, you can use the guest login feature.

3.Find your device location from the map. In case you cannot find your device, then you will be able to see its last location, if available.

How to Lock & Erase your Android Phone?

1.When you use Find My Phone to find your phone, you can choose what you wish to do, that is, Lock or Erase it.

2.There are different options to help you find your phone or lock it.
  • Play sound: When you play sound, it rings your device at full volume for 5 minutes, even if the phone is kept on silent or vibration.
  • Lock: This option locks your device with a PIN, pattern, or a password. In case your phone does not have a password, you can set one. You can even send a message or phone number on your device for someone who finds your phone to contact you.
  • Erase: If you think the chances of finding your phone is bleak, you can always erase all the data on your phone. Once you erase all data, you will no longer be able to use Find My Device. Also, data on SD card may not be erased

This is all you need to do to find, lock, or erase your Android phone. Make sure you keep Find My Device on always as you never know when and where you may misplace or lose your phone.



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