Sunday, September 29, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

You have heard about many G’s in the last decade itself. This includes 1G, 2G, 3G, as well as the current 4G network technology. The mobile phone of the 90’s worked well on the 2G technology. However, with the boom in the text messaging technology, 3G became a fad. Soon, 4G LTE (Long-term Evolution) took over 3G as it had better speed and reliability capability.

Today, we are hearing a lot about 5G and the number of possibilities it will open up. This makes one wonder what is 5G and we shall help you know everything you need to know about 5G technology.

What is 5G Network?

5G technology is the new, improved version of mobile broadband. Telecommunication providers around the world do feel the pressing need to completely overhaul their current wireless infrastructure due to 5G. The big shot companies around the world are already working towards to build their future products that are 5G compatible. Thus, many technologies are now getting listed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) as ‘Release 15’ and ‘Release 16’ standards for wireless telecom. In other words, technology that is ready for 5G.

5G network combines cutting-edge network technology and the latest research. It will offer faster data speed and better reliable smartphone and other device connections. The download speed on a 5G connection is supposed to be faster around 1GBps, thus, making all the previous network connections appear obsolete.

Around the world, companies are working on a fast pace to be able to launch 5G networks globally by 2020. The 5G network will work along with the existing 3G and 4G technology. It will help one stay online anywhere around the world with speedier network connections.

What Will Be The Speed of a 5G Network?

5G network will definitely be faster than a 4G network. However, GSMA providers are proposing, it will be around 1GBps. It is expected that 5G may reach about 10Gb/s or have a transfer rate of about 800Gb/s. Thus, downloading a full HD quality film will take just a couple of seconds and installing software updates may take just a few minutes as compared to the time taken today.

This is all about what is 5G. You may need to upgrade your device to a 5G compatible one or incur additional costs to make the existing one 5G compatible.



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