Sunday, September 29, 2019

Different Types of Routers

A router is a networking device that helps in receiving, analyzing as well as moving incoming packets to another network. They are usually used to share a single Internet connection between different computers or Internet-enabled devices.

There are different types of routers that you should consider before buying a router for your home or business.

Let us have a look at these different types of routers that will make it easy to select the one that suits your needs.

Types of Routers in the Market

There are many companies that sell different types of routers. The main types of routers are broadband routers and wireless routers.

Broadband routers

The most common type of router is the broadband router. It helps in doing different things that helps in connecting computers or connecting the Internet to the computer. A broadband router is needed when you connect the Internet using the phone and Voice over IP technology (VOIP). This router is a special type of modem (ADSL) that has both Ethernet and phone jack.

Wireless Routers

The wireless router creates a wireless signal within a home or business. Thus, any Internet-enabled device within its wireless signal range can connect to the Internet. You need to add a password and a user ID to your network so that only devices allowed by you are able to connect to your wireless signal network.

Edge Router

This router is usually placed at the edge of the ISP network and is normally configured to an external protocol such as Border gateway protocol (BGP) to another BGP of other ISP or large organization.

Core Router

A router is placed within the middle or backbone of the LAN network and in some cases, it helps provide a stepdown backbone. It is usually used in interconnecting distribution routers from multiple buildings within a campus (LAN) or Large enterprise location (WAN).

There are other types of routers as well such as the wired and the wireless routers. These are very popular for home and small office networking needs. This article will surely give you a fair idea about different types of routers.

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