What is Static and Dynamic IP?

Many Internet users often have a question what is static and dynamic IP address. Before we explain static IP and dynamic IP, let us first speak about what is IP address. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns an IP address to your Internet-enabled device. This IP address is unique to your computer and can help identify your device from others.

What is Static IP?

A static IP address or fixed IP address is a number that is assigned by the ISP. It is a permanent address of your Internet-enabled device. Computers use it to locate and transfer information amongst them.

The static IP address is useful for people who:

  • Own a website
  • Have their own email server
  • Need to access a VPN from multiple PCs using a single broadband service
  • Those who use an off-site server duplication
  • Who need to use certain security services like cameras
  • Run an FTP server

A static IP address is better than dynamic IP address as it has a low downtime risk.  Also, one can access their PC from any location in the world using a static IP address.

What is Dynamic IP?

A dynamic IP address is the one that is temporarily assigned to a computer. This temporarily IP address is requested to a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) computer. It assigns dynamic IP address from a pool of IP addresses. When the DHCP computer requests for a dynamic IP address, the number is assigned for duration of that Internet session. Once the Internet-enabled device is disconnected from the Internet, the dynamic IP address is sent back to the IP address pool. This IP address can then be reused for another user, when needed.

A dynamic IP address is advantageous for those who:

  • Use several computers using an internal network and require sharing limited address space.
  • Use just one device to connect to the main location using a one-way Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This was some information regarding static IP and dynamic IP address. The static IP address remains fixed and dynamic IP address is assigned temporarily. Both are important and help users connect to the Internet easily.


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