Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out in 2018

It is no longer only the IT departments call to move towards the latest digital market trends. Today, the entire enterprise needs to work towards the singular goal of staying in touch with the latest trends in the digital world. All need to be Internet-savvy and have the basic know-how of using the latest gadgets. One such trend that seems to take an upward journey towards popularity is cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the service opted by many businesses to store their applications, software, as well as sensitive database online. This not just helps companies overcome their traditional costs of storing and maintaining information, but also helps their employees as well as clients (in some cases) to access information from any place, any time from the Internet.

Let us have a look at the top 5 cloud computing trends to watch out in 2018. This will keep you in the loop for some of the latest trends you need to keep an eye on.

5 Ways Cloud Computing will Develop in 2018

More and more businesses are now realizing the importance of cloud computing. As the realization sets in, many businesses are now migrating towards cloud computing. This has set the ball rolling for development in the cloud computing genre as cloud-native architecture becomes a default for many businesses. The following top 5 cloud computing trends to watch out in 2018 are:

#1 Exponential Growth for Cloud Services

More and more businesses will start reaping benefits of switching over to the cloud. Software as a Service (SaaS) will be beneficial to businesses as it is a cost-effective option. Also, availability of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) will make cloud service a flexible option for businesses.

#2 Internet of Everything (IoE) is the Next Buzzword

The world is changing fast and getting interconnected at a faster pace than you can imagine. Today we have smart locks, smart doors, smart cars, smart phones and even smart phones. All these smart gadgets require smarter mobile phones to access and manage these gadgets. The explosion of data is pushing mobile service providers to quickly move on to 5G spectrum in 2018. IoE technology is widely used for developments in real-time data analytics and cloud computing such as edge computing. IoE is being used for machine to machine communication, data and computer processing, as well as human communication. It is up to cloud services to simplify these complicated systems and make it simple for people and devices to connect seamlessly.

#3 More Connectivity Options

The world is having better connectivity options, mobile operators have to compete to provide better and faster connectivity. This proves beneficial not just to individual users, but even businesses. In 2018, businesses can look forward to improved network speed, better technology such as edge computing, etc. that helps in transfer of data quickly. The development of 5G networking will help improve mobile data connectivity too.

#4 Better and Improved Cloud Services

Apart from the better connectivity options, cloud marketplace is blooming with tech giants vying for getting more attention from potential clients. Giants such as Microsoft and Oracle may not seem to be affected, but new players such as Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services will definitely play hard to improve their relationships with businesses and enterprises. Thus, businesses will have plenty of great options to choose from in terms of cloud service providers who give a better deal with improved licensing rules.

#5 Better Security Regulations

As more businesses will opt for cloud computing, cloud service providers need to come in with better cyber-attack preparations and regulations. It is expected 2018 will see rise in state-sponsored attacks on cloud networks. These cloud networks include government, military, emergency services, health, finance, food, etc. Also, the cybercriminals are getting smarter by the day and will try to tap into the cloud networks taking over databases hostages for money. Thus, increased regulations, legal strategies, such as GDPR, etc. will come into force.

These are the top 5 cloud computing trends to watch out in 2018. There will be a definite shift towards cloud computing by businesses in the year 2018. Cloud service providers will give safer, better and increased capacity of cloud storage to businesses. Thus, those who are thinking of shifting to cloud computing, 2018 is the best time to make the move.



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