How to Keep Your Android Phone Unlocked using smart lock

How to Keep Your Android Phone Unlocked

The first thing you do when you try and access your phone is swipe, type or enter a pattern lock to unlock your phone. If there is nothing very private or personal in your phone or have a toddler who keeps insisting on unlocking your phone to watch ‘Wheels on the Bus’ video the 500th time, you wish there was no lock on your Android phone. Well, your wish is granted. There are many simple ways that keeps your Android phone unlocked at home. Thus, saving you those precious moments swiping, or entering PIN, or drawing patterns to unlock.

In most devices, you do not need a lock screen setup. However, if you have a screen lock, then the following steps on how to keep your Android phone unlocked at home. Android 5.0 users have the option of multiple security features called as the Smart Lock. This helps users keep their phones unlocked when they reach a safe place such as their homes or automatically unlocks their phone when it is in the user’s hand.

You need to set lock screen to use smart lock

  1. Open Settings and choose Security.
  2. Tap on Screen Lock and select pattern or PIN or password or swipe.

How to Keep Your Android Phone Unlocked using smart lock

Smart Lock has many ways that helps keep your device unlocked just for you and locks the minute someone else tries to access it.

Let us look at the five intelligent ways that helps keep your Android 5.0 phone unlocked just for you.

1. On-body Detection

Sensors such as accelerometer or gyroscope help keep your phone unlocked when you have your phone in your hand, bag, or pocket. When it senses you are in motion and have unlocked your phone, it keeps the phone unlocked. Once you stop moving, it locks the screen. However, if you unlock the screen and someone else moves with it, it will keep the phone unlocked. So, if you don’t have anything sensitive in your phone, choose On-body detection.

  • Just go to Smart Lock
  • Tap on On-body Detection slider switch.

Keep in mind; it takes a few minutes for the phone to realize it is no longer in motion. So, in case someone picks up your phone before it locks itself, they may get access to your phone without entering your password or fingerprint.

2. Trusted devices

You can keep your phone unlocked as long as it remain connected to a trusted Bluetooth device. Bluetooth tends to have a very short connection range. So, as long as the device stays near you such as your Bluetooth watch, key tag, luggage, car keys, headphones, etc. the phone will remain unlocked.

  • Go to Smart Lock and tap on Trusted devices
  • Add trusted device in Bluetooth
  • Select any paired device from the list

The phone remains unlocked as long as the trusted Bluetooth device remains within range. This means if someone else has your luggage, headphones, or keys along with your phone, they can access the unlocked phone. The minute the Bluetooth device goes out of range, the phone will lock itself.

3. Trusted Face

Now, Trusted face is the option that helps you unlock your phone with your face. You need to use your front camera to unlock your phone. Before you try this option, keep in mind, anyone with a decent enough photograph of you can use it to unlock your phone. It is not similar to the Iris scanning on Galaxy phone or Face ID on iPhone. It’s just for convenience and there’s nothing secure about it.

  • Go to Smart lock settings and tap on Trusted face.
  • Select Set up and follow on-screen directions and scan your face.

4. Trusted voice

You can use your voice to unlock your phone. Just save your voice by saying ‘Ok Google’ and add you voice as a Trusted voice. When your phone hears ‘OK Google’ and matches it with your voice and finds the tone and manner is same, it will unlock your phone.

  • Enable ‘OK Google’ on Google Assistant or Google Now.
  • Open Google app and access setting menu.
  • Tap on Voice and then tap OK Google detection.
  • Find either any or all of the following settings and enable them: Form and Screen and/or Always on
  • Once done, add Trusted voice in Smart Lock by tapping on Trusted voice.

5. Trusted Places

This method uses geofencing to keep the phone unlocked in a specific area. Geofencing uses the phones location system and determines if it is within that area or outside the trusted area. Thus, when you are within the trusted range it automatically unlocks the phone.

  • Go to Smart Lock and tap on Trusted Places and go to Home
  • Turn on this location and you will be asked to select a Home address in case you don’t have one setup.
  • You can setup other places to keep the phone unlocked by Add trusted place.

As long as Google Maps feature or the turn-by-turn navigation works, this feature will work. Also, keep in mind, the phone will unlock itself within the Trusted Places even if someone else is holding it.

This is all about how to keep you phone unlocked at home. Not having any phone lock may put your phone and the information it contains at risk. Thus, until and unless you are absolutely sure you have nothing sensitive on your phone or information worth stealing, you can try using these methods to keep your phone unlocked automatically.



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