How to find router’s IP address and login info

Bored of the same of old Wireless network name? Do you think it is time to change your wireless network password? If yes, then all you need to do is access the admin panel of your router. To access the admin panel you will need the default IP address of the router and enter the default password. In case you are wondering, the following tutorial will help you find your router’s IP address and login info.

Finding The Router’s IP Address and Login Info

The router’s IP address is called as the ‘Default Gateway’ in the network connection on Windows. The easiest way to find the IP address is by using the Command prompt.

Click on Start and type cmd. A new window will open. You need to type here ipconfig and press Enter. A lot of information will appear on this black window and you need to look for the Default Gateway. This default gateway is the IP Address of your router.

Another method is by clicking on Start and typing Control Panel in the search box. In the window that opens click on Network and Internet. Then go to View network status and tasks.

Here, you need to find Ethernet and click on it. It will open a new window, where you need to click on Details. In the network connection details you need to look for IPv4 Default Gateway. This will be the default IP address for your router.

Finding the Default IP Address for a Router on Mac OS X

Mac users can find their router’s IP address easily. Just click on the Apple menu and go to System Preferences. Here, click on the Network icon. Now, select your Wi-Fi or wired connection and click Advanced.

A new window Network will open and you need to select TCP/IP tab. You will be able to see the router IP address marked as just Router.

How to find the Default Login Information of the Router?

The default login information of the router that will allow you access to the admin panel. It is usually printed on the router itself. Just turn over your device and look for a sticker. It will contain all the information needed such as default username and password.

Enter the default IP address in any web browser and enter the login details. This will give you the access to the admin panel of your router. This is how you find your router’s IP address and login details.



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