How to create keyboard shortcuts in windows 10

Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Fed up of opening Windows app using your mouse and clicking over a tile. You no longer need to waste time trying to find your apps and programs in Windows 10. Just launch them at the tap of your fingertips from your keyboard. Yes, Windows 10 allows its users to create customized keyboard shortcuts for any programs that includes the ‘desktop apps’, ‘universal apps’, or ‘ metro apps’.

Let us have a look at how to create keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 from the following article.

How to Add Customized Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

You no longer need to pin programs or apps to your taskbar to access them quickly. You can try to use the custom shortcut from your keyboard on Windows 10. Just follow the steps given below and enjoy your new found freedom from searching new apps.

Open your Start menu and drag-and-drop any application on your desktop you need as a shortcut on your keyboard.


To open the command prompt window and type ‘cmd’ into the Search box or Cortana. Right-click on the command prompt and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

Type ‘explorer shell:AppsFolder’ and hit Enter.

All your apps will be listed in a new window.

Right-click on the app to Create a shortcut on the desktop.

Once the shortcut is created on the desktop, you need to right-click on the shortcut icon.

Click on Properties from the drop-down list.

In the new window that opens, enter key combination you want in the Shortcut key

Just type the alphabet you wish to use and the computer will add Ctrl+ Alt + the alphabet you use. For example, Ctrl + Alt + M

Click Apply and then OK.

This is all you need to do to create keyboard shortcut in Windows 10.



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