Editorial Policy

i-techpage makes sure to provide accurate, unbiased, well-researched technology, digital concepts as well as ‘how to’ guide. Our editorial policy will explain how we at i-techpage select and review content and tools uploaded on our site.

About Editorial Policy

Any reference to ‘i-techpage’ or ‘i-techpage.com’ or ‘We’or ‘Us’ means TechPage. It includes any company that we control such as a subsidiary owned by us. Any reference to ‘website’ indicates our internet website, i-techpage.com. We have an About Us page on the website that talks about our company and what we do.

The Editorial Policy is applicable to i-techpage.com. The onus of responsibility lies on the reader to read the editorial policy of every website that you visit after they leave i-techpage.com. We are not responsible for the editorial policy of any third-party website after you leave our website.

Changes in Editorial Policy

Any minor changes that does not change or effect the basic goal of this Editorial Policy may occur time-to-time. However, any major changes that can seriously affect the way editorial matters are handled on the website will be clearly displayed to our readers. Any policy change will be clearly displayed on the website in a timely way.

Terms of Editorial Policy

i-techpage is committed to providing its readers with unbiased, accurate information. i-techpage has a team of professionals who manage the topic selection, development, and maintenance process. It is important for us to recognize the difference between independent editorial content and any material that is for advertisement or content that is influenced by our sponsors. The website is also organized to correctly separate educational and promotional content from editorial perspective.

Source of Information

Material on the website presented as ours is either created by us or is obtained from content providers whose editorial processes has been evaluated by us and found to be acceptable. The material on our website is written by staff writers or freelance writers who we appoint. All the content is evaluated by in-house editors and the content is submitted and reviewed in a fair way and scrutinized if it meets our learning objectives.

Sources of third-party editorial content sources include government websites, non-profit organizations, universities, and websites that provide news and information about the content covered on our website. The editorial team reviews content from the outside sources for completeness, timeliness, accuracy, and balance. In cases where reviews are not possible, spot-checking and previous evaluation of possible sources of information and editorial procedures used by the content provider are considered.

In most cases, content obtained from others is often reviewed by the providers own in-house policy or reviewed by independent authorities in the field. i-techpage revives the site content regularly and is made sure to remain relevant in the ever-changing tech world. If any content is found to be incorrect, out-of-date, moved to archive, etc. it is indicated with the help of editorial note.

Links to Third-Party Websites

i-techpage may provide company logos or links to other websites through our website. The logos and links do not imply in any way that we approve or recommend these third-party websites or entities. If we are specifically recommending any website, it will be clearly stated along with the logo or link. Our website is designed in such a way, that if you leave our website, it will be clear to you that you are visiting another page with a different editorial policy, privacy policy, and terms of use.

Third-Party Influence and Finance

i-techpage like most websites relies on advertising, and sponsorship. This includes video advertising, banner advertising, native advertising, etc. We make sure that:

  • Sponsored and non-sponsored website is clearly separate
  • Revenues from third-party are welcome in terms of sponsored advertisement on our website, that includes revenues, commissions on user purchases, fee based on consumer clicks to links to other websites
  • Any links to other logos, websites, or marks of other brands, or co-branding is not intended until and unless it is specifically indicated that we recommend it.
  • Research content on website will be clearly disclosed by the author or source of material and date of material or its last update. Any content presented as case studies, projects or academic research will be clearly mentioned by the actual author of the content, and other who have a role in writing, editing, or otherwise preparation of the material.
  • Authors who write for us need to disclose any financial interests or affiliations that influence or have an appearance of influencing the specific content provided by them. In case of any conflicts, in our judgment, will be publically disclosed along with the content on our website. The same policy needs to be followed by those who work with us on different editorial boards.

Feedback Policy

i-techpage welcomes any comments, questions, complaints about our editorial policy or website. You can contact us by sending us an email on